” Marco went above and beyond. I would highly recommend working with him. His communication is excellent. I wanted to make some SEO improvements to my website, but frankly I had no idea where to start. Marco not only provided a thorough report of next steps w.r.t. SEO, but he also provided feedback on the design of my website and ways to improve conversion. Thank you! “

Rating: 5 out of 5

David Tavi Nathanson

Principal, Sequence Software | New York City (U.S.A.)

” Marco put a lot of effort and time into the digital marketing audit of our tech startup Recipe Guru. He was very knowledgeable and contributed to finalizing a deal with a major publishing house. Thank you, Marco! “

Niamh Sterling

CEO, Recipe Guru | Dublin (Ireland)

” Marco is a really great SEO specialist. The communication was always without any issues and he delivered his work on time. I can highly recommend him for complex projects. He has a lot of skills and is very kind.”

Rating: 5 out of 5

Eduard Fleishmann

Managing Director, Kiber Digital UG | Berlin (Germany)

” Marco was able to thoroughly analyze our needs and the world of the third sector to which our not-profit Età Insieme belongs. He also offered us solutions graphically beautiful and effective. We also learned to use new tools thanks to Marco who taught us clearly and quickly how to manage our website autonomously.

Our site works very well, has excellent visibility thanks to how it was built and thanks to the suggestions that Marco gave us. 

Lina Crimi

Coordinatore Formazione & Privacy, Età Insieme – Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus | Milan (Italy)

” I cannot fault Marco. Everything has been brilliant and better than expected. “

Bryan George

Founder and Director, First Rate Finance Broker | Goulburn, New South Wales (Australia)

” I just want to say thank you Marco for your great work for Startme! “

Arjen Robijn

CEO, Startme | The Hague (Netherlands)

” I recommend Marco as business partner in search engine marketing activities. Thank you Marco! “

Antonio Romano

Director of Marketing, GSS Germany Solar System | Berlin (Germany)

Marco has provided a state of the art SEO report. Then, he also took the time to answer all our technical questions, and explain lot of things and suggest others. Totally recommended.

Filippo Ucchino

CEO, InvestinGoal | Milan (Italy)

” We entrusted Marco and his staff with the redesign of the website of Fondazione Anni Sereni Onlus. We provide social and health care services in the Bergamo area.

The work was carried out with great professionalism by Marco, and he always respected the estimated times.
The current site reflects all the features requested by us, in terms of graphics, usability, and content. Marco has shown excellent ability in understanding our needs and goals.

We found him to have great technical knowledge and he put special care in all technical aspects of the website (indexing, usability on all the devices, ease of updating, etc…).

I would certainly recommend Marco and his staff if you are planning to build or redesign your website. Rating: 5 stars out of 5! “

Domenico Nappa

Managing Director, Fondaz. Anni Sereni Treviglio, Caravaggio e Fara G.A. Onlus | Treviglio (BG) (Italy)

Marco is very professional and has a great work ethic. Thank you very much!

Valerio Rubino

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Valeriorubino.com | Pesaro (Italy)

Marco is very helpful, and great to work with. We feel lucky to have him in the team. Thank you!

Jerry Zheng

Managing Director, Chanson Water Australia | Carlton (NSW), 2218 (Australia)

” Dr. Marco Mancosu was the company tutor during my internship in digital marketing at AIVM (Associazione Italiana Vittime di Malagiustizia). Dr. Mancosu has deep experience and expertise in the sector, and under his guidance, I have further developed my knowledge of digital marketing techniques and tools.

The training component in my experience at AIVM is an aspect that struck me a lot: collaborating with the association and working in close contact with Dr. Mancosu was almost like attending a university master’s degree. “

Manuel Molteni

Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, FCA Digital | Milan (Italy)

I worked with Marco during my career in AIVM and Farrelly-Caizzone & Associates. Marco helped me to develop my skills in digital marketing, especially in advertising and SEO techniques. Together, we developed projects for different clients, such as digital communication plan, advertising campaigns with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These were productive and very formative moments. He is a person always ready to help his colleagues, empathetic and very precise in his work. Marco is an example of professionalism, leadership and humanity. I thank Marco for being my mentor in the world of digital marketing.

Ivana Quartarone

Media Relations Finanziarie, IR Top Consulting | Milan (Italy)

” Marco was a fantastic resource for me in learning SEO/Digital Growth Strategies, he certainly understands nearly every aspect of this business. His intuition regarding growing businesses or starting ones from scratch is unmatched compared to any other digital marketers I have learned from. I felt that in under two months of working under him I learned how things in the digital marketing world really work.

Justin Collins

Search Engine Optimization Associate, FCA Digital | Milan (Italy)

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