Business Case Study: Fratelli Borgioli

How I launched the ecommerce of the historic Italian luxury shoe brand



Client: Fratelli Borgioli

Year(s): 2020-2021

Services provided: Consulting & coaching

Target Markets: Italy, UK, Ireland, Nordic

In Short


In 2020 and 2021 my agency FCA Digital designed and implemented a multichannel digital marketing strategy for the newly launched B2C e-commerce of the client Fratelli Borgioli, a luxury shoe brand with over 70 years of history.



  • build the multilingual Fratelli Borgioli B2C e-commerce
  • set up a multichannel B2C digital marketing strategy (website, ecommerce, social, adv, email marketing, influencers, digital PR)
  • set up the inbound marketing strategy via production and distribution of tailored content produced internally and externally
  • increase Fratelli Borgioli’s brand awareness in Italy, UK, Ireland and Nordic markets
  • positionate the brand linking it to the target values: Made in Italy, Made in Tuscany, authenticity, luxury, handicraft
  • generate substantial traffic to website in 12 months, including long-term organic traffic
  • generate prospects, qualified leads and customers via advertising campaigns (Search, Display, Video, Social, Remarketing) and a multitouch points strategy
  • reach a younger target
  • increase customer engagement and customer loyalty across all channels
  • generate a minimum volume of sales via ecommerce

About Fratelli Borgioli

Fratelli Borgioli crafts premium quality luxury leather shoes since 1946, following the same values handed down through three generations.

The brand employs over 70 artisans in their laboratories near the picturesque Tuscan town of Vinci (near Florence, Italy), birthplace of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes embody 70 years of efforts, passion and craftsmanship of different generations of an entire local community.

Services provided






Social Media


Content Marketing


Marketing Automation

Email Marketing


Web Design




We redesigned and built Fratelli Borgioli’s website using WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, and Divi, the most popular WordPress premium theme.

The setup was flexible and allowed us to customize the website to the client’s needs in terms of graphics, architecture and content.















Increase in traffic


Increase in visitors from outside of Italy





We paid attention to making the website perfectly responsive on mobile and tablet. 

Also, we made sure the website was fast-loading, meeting as many as possible of the Google’s performance recommendations.

The brand new Fratelli Borgioli website has been instrumental in reaching the business goals set with the client.


Branded search impressions

Load time (Pingdom)










In order to build a strong online presence and generate sales, we created from scratch the e-commerce for our client using WooCommerce, the most famous WordPress open-source plugin for e-commerce.

Thanks to qualified traffic brought by targeted advertising, social media ecommerce push, SEO-oriented posts, together with a targeted e-mail marketing strategy, the ecommerce managed to convert and generate significant sales.

Products Managed


eCommerce Revenue Growth

Content Marketing

Our content marketing strategy mainly aimed at producing high-value, SEO-oriented original articles for the Fratelli Borgioli’s blog which generated a substantial organic traffic.

We also produced in-house video and micro-content for socials, emails and adv campaigns.

The strategy included outreaching and conducting interviews with key players and influencers in the fashion industry to reinforce the brand positioning.

Blog posts published

Micro-content pieces created


We ran coordinated multilingual, multichannel and multitouch-points advertising campaigns for Search, Display, Video, Social, Remarketing aimed at strategic target personas. This allowed us to internationalize the audience, reach younger audiences, generate prospects, leads and sales.


People reached


CTR on Social Adv


In order to strengthen the brand identity, we have drawn up a long-term editorial plan for the target social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest)

By doing this, we succeeded in growing the follower base as well as increasing traffic to the website from social media.


Followers growth rate


Increase in website traffic from social media

E-Mail Marketing

We built the Fratelli Borgioli’s mailing list and segmented it based on the type of subscriber.

The e-mail marketing calendar included tailored content and formats for each specific segment.



Growth in e-mail subscriptions












E-Mail Automation

We created different e-mail automations in order to reach the right people with the right message at the right moment.

Among the automated e-mail flows:

  • Welcome
  • Order follow-up
  • Abandoned cart
  • Customer feedback
  • Re-engagement
  • VIP
  • Remarketing
  • Cross-selling/upselling
  • Browse abandonment


Email automation CTR


We built a tailored press database with over 4.500 relevant entries in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry.

Through outreaching activities and by sending a press release announcing the launch of SEISHOU, a new Fratelli Borgioli collection designed by Japanese designers Ikeda & Matsuzaki, we reached journalists, influencers and bloggers worldwide.

This led to more than 300 pickups of the press release, publication of 55 articles on external magazines and blogs, 26 interviews on Fratelli Borgioli’s blog, as well as additional opportunities generated.

Journalists, influencers and bloggers reached

Articles published