Canva has launched a free video editing suite, Canva Video Suite, which allows to intuitively edit and publish professional video.

Canva Video Suite launched on 13 October 2021. An end-to-end video creation product, it’s a significant new addition to the editing giant – whose platform I have been personally using and recommending in my classes for years.

The new part of Canva promises to simplify video creation.

It’s free online, on desktops and on mobile devices and comes with a slate of customizable templates for events, workplaces and businesses and a large media library to make it easier for users to create videos.

It also provides dimensions for the different social media platforms to customise each video to the specific site.

Other interesting features include a scene-based editor, multiple audio tracks, animation effects, screen and camera recordings. The software offers a scene-focused interface which allows users to break down their video and trim scenes.

It will also have in-editor video previews so that it’s not necessary to save down each time.

As Canva’s Head of product, Rob Kawalsky, confirms in the press release on the launch of Canva Video Suite:

“Video is increasingly important in the workplace and online. Traditional tools have been too difficult, expensive or limited for most to use. Almost everyone creates visual content in today’s world. We have reimagined video creation and editing to meet this reality.”

From a marketer’s point of view, video has become an essential format of content, and I always push my clients to create more video, which in my experience generates way more interest and engagements than other traditional formats.

So I welcome Canva Video Suite – while it will not have the high-end features of professional video-editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro, it sounds like a promising tool for beginners lacking the right skills to handle video creation.